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Here is a mix of press reviews and feedback from customers. 
To everyone who has written to us, thanks for your warm messages and wonderful support.

Hooray for "A Day in the Jungle"

"I love this CD..... Here is the musical version of a newly illustrated fairy tale: well-known songs given brand new life through joyful adaption" ~ Pat Gordon Smith, Editor, Early Education

" We are already firm fans of your music..... Freya, our 3-year-old, requests your CDs whenever we get in the car, and our 1 year old waves his arms a lot.  And mum and dad sing along...  We have even caught ourselves continuing to listen to them even when Freya has fallen asleep in the back of the car! Many thanks for making them, and look forward to more!" ~ Juliet

"A Day in the Jungle" is a great CD for children... It¹s child friendly without being annoying for adults. Proper music in fact." ~ Families North Magazine

“I've been meaning to write to say how much we all love the CDs. Amelie is totally obsessed, of course, and the first thing she wants as soon as we go downstairs is "the seaside!". For a joke she now also sings "no more monkeys jumping on the bed!" and wags her finger at me whilst bursting into a smile!

What I really love best about both albums is that in contrast to most children's music, each track is a little gem, with wonderful arrangements and different styles, from blues to folky to jazzy and eastern... which gives children a much wider exposure to the world of music. It also makes it much easier, as a parent, to listen to... and they completely lack the slightly patronising tone that a lot of  (poor quality) children's music have. I'm a big fan and look forward to the next CD!" ~ Morris

“A huge hit in our house with our two-year-old (and her dad) is A Day in the Jungle .... real music for children, offering a musical depth with the tracks aimed at appealing to parents as well as their offspring." ~Adore Magazine

"The hit CD of the year!...Had to tell you....last night we played your CD after a break (overplayed it too much that first weekend) and the kids were having such a great time. It was one of those great moments as a parent." ~ Thane & Connie Ryland

"Dear Caroline and Neal,

Thanks for your email and thanks for sending the CD so promptly, it
arrived on Thursday last week. I just wanted to let you know that we
think the CD is absolutely great, it's a pleasure to listen to as an adult
and our son, who is 15 months, is noticeably delighted when it comes on, as he starts bouncing up and down and tapping his fingers on the table in time with the music!
Hope you will produce more of these CDs.
Thanks again, " ~ Ina